Daneld Fixall Services is now rebranding to Assetclean services,we remain committed to giving you the Best Fumigation and cleaning services.


Pest Control service, Fumigation services,cleaning services-About Daneld Fixall Services

Pest Control service, Fumigation services,cleaning services.

These areas listed above are our core strength and areas of expertise, We take great commitment and responsibility in ensuring Our customers get a rewarding experience with Us in these areas.

Pest Control service, Fumigation services,cleaning services

We are most qualified!

Our Mission
Our Company was founded in 2013 and provides commercial office cleaning, residential cleaning,Pest control,Fumigation, recruitment and outsourcing manpower for small and medium scale enterprises. DANELD FIXALL is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2013, when we fully began Operation, to operate as a Cleaning Business outfit and General Service provider.
Following the full take off, of business in 2013, we have been very privilege to have handled high profile project,such as post construction cleaning and maintenance of newly built ETISALAT office,at 43 Adeola Odeku street,Lagos, as a sub-contractor under Ghatoni, Nigeria Limited. And also we have undertook same cleaning project at newly renovated ETISALAT Office space at ground floor 34, Marina, General Post Office building, central business district, Lagos Island,Mrs Makers eatery,Meok!,lawfirm at Anthony,gbagada Estate,several offices and residence within Victoria Island,Ikoyi and Lekki and the list goes on.
We are humble for the opportunity to meet the cleaning services and pest control needs of these firm, which has further geared us towards stepping up the standard and quality of our services delivery.
We believe Environmental services that are of high quality, affordable, effective and Eco friendly should be available to everyone who has taste for quality and effective solutions that are safe and does not pollute the environment. We are very proud of the idea that cleaning services and Integrated Pest Control we offer help power clean and Hygienic standards of Offices, homes and small communities all over the country, and that maybe somewhere, someday, Our best practices and friendly customer approach at rendering effective cleaning services and pest control solutions will be a standard from which our contemporaries can learn from Daneld Fixall Services.

Built on those beliefs, we have become dedicated to providing the highest quality Cleaning Services , Integrated Pest Control service, Fumigation service and Recruitment of staffs for Offices, Residential facilities and communities all around Lagos and Nigeria. We strive to offer best Environmental Services at Affordable prices to enable our products/Services to reach the hands of Corporate Organizations, communities, and Families that might be concern about Safety practices and Poor delivery they may be currently getting from their Present contractor or who are looking out to contract out their cleaning or hire one, But yet seeks better Services that are worth the Value they are Paying for. Been constantly guided by Focus and our Core Values (Customers First, Humility, Great Service) We Seek to partner with you/Organization on managing the cleanliness an appearance of Your Facility/Building. As a Registered Cleaning and Pest Control Technician Services Firm, we are able to offer high quality, affordable and yet Professional Service conduct which in turn guarantees Customer service satisfaction.

The Daneld Fixall Services Promise

As regards these services; Pest Control service, Fumigation services,cleaning services

No matter what the Services and Products we are using to carry out a task at your facility, you can be rest assured that every item/approach we use has been professionally tested and proven safe! By people who understand, love, and are passionate about the Eco-System we live in.

We look forward to hear from you on ways we can help you or your Organization maintain clean facility daily (contract cleaning), or a onetime Cleaning Service. Not forgetting also that we can help eradicate/Control those unwanted Rodents, croachroaches, Ants, Flies, Insects, at Homes and Office facility at a pocket friendly rate. Contact Us today for,  commercial cleaning, residential cleaning,Pest control,Fumigation, recruitment and staff outsourcing

 Things that make our Pest Control services (widely call Fumigation) stands out are:
1. Odourless: We don’t release fumes into the Air!
2. Targeted: We don’t Use one approach, kills all method (Fumigation style), ours is done on individual pest biological characteristics, we control each base on their behavioral and that way we are sure of controlling them and putting them at barest minimum and in the long run eradicate them completely!
3. Safe: Materials we use are marked safe, even in food processing business areas, super markets and Hospitals.
4. Flexible: Our approach at controlling Pest can be done even during work hour in a professional and orderly manner, without disrupting business at our Clients location.

1. Staff outsourcing and recruitment for SME’s
2. Bathroom redesign/refurbishment
3. Janitorial Cleaning services for Offices and Business outfits.
4. Cleaning, Integrated Pest Control consultancy and Training
5. Affordable Web Design Services
6. Computer Sales, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance Services.

Kindly call these numbers below to speak with one of Our Customer Service Representatives on ways we can serve you:
Tel: 090-642-642-15


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