We are one of the foremost Office Cleaning services company in Lagos, Nigeria. Our main expertise is in the area of office cleaning services, providing needed manpower and framework that ensure the Office building and environment are kept clean at all times.
Why Office contract cleaning services ?
The Office is a place where business and economic transactions are made, it is “home” of staffs for 8 – 10 hours in a day, meaning its a home away from home. It is very paramount to ensure “this home” is kept clean and in the most hygiene condition that will not compromise on the health and well being of all that resides there in.
At Daneld Fixall Services, we are here to see to it that the office building and its facilities are kept clean at all times, by engaging committed and well trained cleaning staffs to ensure proper maintenance and keeping of the facility tidy and sparkling clean everyday. with our contract cleaning being engaged, business owners and decision makers can be more concern with making needed decisions and policy that will help move their businesses forward, leaving us to handle the cleaning needs of the office building on a daily basis.
Our cleaning staffs are made up of young men and women who are well trained on professional conduct in the discharge of their duty, making sure every aspect in the building are taking care of without disruption of service at clients location, Our staffs are also well grounded in our principle of honesty and Humility in the discharge of their duty, we will never recruit or engage someone who do not share in our core principle to work at clients location.
We at Daneld Fixall Services, will at all times ensure the safety of lives and properties at clients locations that we serve, by carrying out background checks on all prospective cleaning employees and also providing verified guarantors for all cleaners employed by Us.
We are very much committed to providing great customer service to our clients, give us a call today! for that daily Office cleaning and we guarantee, you will be very satisfied. Call: <b>08096694344</b> for inquiry or use our contact page above to leave us a message