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fumigation, pest control services in Lagos.

fumigation & pest control services in Lagos.

pest control services Daneld fixall lagos

fumigation & pest control services provided by Daneld Fixall services in Lagos is dedicated to providing effective fumigation and pest control services aim at protecting your Offices,Homes from pest infestations.

We Provide solutions to your pest issues and not failed empty promises from your regular fumigators out there!

Our approach is targeted; meaning we attack each pest with different approach using baits, gel, residuals and traps where needed. we don’t just spray chemicals like others do, rather we spray objectively following our vast knowledge of Pest characteristics, using only proven pest control and fumigation methods, that are sure to deliver the needed result to our esteemed customers. And until our customers pest issues are solved, we will always be there to take care of them at NO COST!

Our Specialized pest eradication program for commercial customers offers customized Fumigation (pest control solutions) backed with a comprehensive protection pest plan that will help your business eliminate pests, prevent pest from returning, and reduce your business costs arising from pest damages,  This requires commercial customers to have an on going commitment to have their facility controlled for Pest on a monthly basis, where a Technician is assigned to carry out Pest control at your facility monthly and will also be responsible for emergency cases of Pest issues at your facility.

We currently provide Integrated Pest management ( fumigation service )  for all forms of industries and organisation such as, hospitality,Hotels and recreation centers,Banks and financial institutions, Heavy duty manufacturing industries, schools and government facilities. We emphasize pest prevention and will work to solve any pest problem, by continuously providing enlightenment and advice for clients, on best ways to prevent pest re-entry into offices and homes.

PLEASE NOTE: at Daneld Fixall services),Pest control/fumigation method of fighting pest,involves identifying a particular pest and provide ways to eradicate them, unlike the Generalized approach widely practiced by untrained vendors, which involves releasing fumes (gases) into the air and disrupting work at clients location when there are alternative approach that works and at the same time this widely practiced approach by these people are too generalized to tackle a particular problem, our approach to fumigation is strictly integrated pest control services, which provides different approach at fighting various pest according to their biological composition, using baits,residuals and traps among other approaches aim at eradicating pest which is  TARGETED,SAFE and PROVEN to control pest to the barest minimum.

Safety is our topmost priority and we assure you of extreme carefulness from our Service technicians during services at your place, Our scope and approach in rendering services are done in a safe manner, to prevent any harm on humans.

Contact Us today to discuss your fumigation service needs! You will be glad at our services.

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