Our disinfecting service in lekki and all Locations of Lagos is aim at protecting our customers from activities of virus within their Space, further establishing Our reputation and lead as a foremost fumigation services provider in Lekki and around Lagos.

with over 10 years of service experience, Daneld fixall services are able to formulate and design best approach at ensuring our customers facilities are free from viruses germs and other disease causing organism.

We implore modern Pest management equipment at ensuring our customers get the best.


Our array of equipment in carrying out covid-19 disinfecting service in Lekki include but not limited to ULV Foggers, Manual and motorised sprayers, battery powered sprayers e.t.c.

when it comes to Covid-19 disinfecting service in lekki Lagos, look no further as we have got you covered.

With Adequate mix and concentration of chemical solutions, you are sure guaranteed the best, and free from sharp practices from vendors only after obtaining money, without giving real value.